How to Build a Loyal Clientele After Quarantine

by Maddi Morris June 12, 2020

How to Build a Loyal Clientele After Quarantine

One thing every lash artist can agree upon, the government mandated quarantine or “The 2020 Lashpocolpyse” as I like to call it, has been deeply affecting all of us and is changing our lash businesses like never before.

Some days you relax and enjoy your quiet, self-care time. Some days it feels so daunting to be out of work, you want to catapult yourself into the sun. This time at home has been an emotional rollercoaster, but perhaps it's a blessing in disguise to have all the time in the world to prepare our businesses for the biggest beauty boom of the century when this is all over.

Even if you had a loyal, booked out clientele when this all happened, there are always new and better ways to build your business back up and streamline your client experience like never before.

“How do I build my clientele back?”

I know the first thing that pops into your head when you want to gain all your clients back as quickly as possible, is to run a huge sale. If you decide running full sets for a discounted rate is best for you and your clients, make sure your cost of service is still profitable and you’re not doing it just to compete with Sally down the street.

Another idea instead of discounted full sets, is adding value instead of discounting! If you have other add-on services on your menu, clients can add on a complimentary brow wax/tint or skincare treatment for no added cost! This will keep your price point roughly the same, while giving them value and something new and fun to try out to pamper themselves after months of being at home.

As Lydia, our incredible global education director suggested, surprise your nurses and medical staff clients with free full sets, simply as a sincere thank you to for their sacrifices and hard work during the pandemic. They deserve it and what a beautiful way to thank them in the best way you know how, lashes.

Word of mouth!

If you do amazing work and you are providing your clients with the best knowledge, products and service possible, people will know. Even if you have one client in a day when you reopen, you could gain five new clients by giving that one person exceptional service. Go above and beyond to make their time with you so enjoyable that they can’t help but get on your books in a few weeks and hopefully tell all their friends about you! Treat each client like they are your only client.

Utilize Instagram!

It is free and it is so powerful right now when everyone is at home on their phones. Did you know there is a 40% social media engagement surge happening NOW ?! Take an online course, understand the algorithm, post quality photos that best represent your past work along with engaging filler photos that give your page a cohesive look. You don’t want a page full of eyeballs while no one is able to get lashes. What people want right now is connection, if they see a picture of your face or your lash space or a quote that you live by, they’re more likely to feel a connection to you and your business when you reopen. Stay present in people’s minds! I’ve had to take courses out of state and go to seminars just to learn how to have a beautiful and inviting Instagram page that forms real connections with potential clients. It is worth it! Social media is such a valuable tool for lash artists, use it to your advantage during quarantine!

Make a name for yourself in your local community.

Supporting local business is crucial during isolation! Collaborate with your local businesses for giveaways or creative gift packages. Even something as small as asking people for honest reviews to add to your website can make you stand out when booking goes live in the future.

Fill the needs of your client.

If you want to be booked solid, become obsessed with meeting the deepest needs of your clients and potential clients. Get clear on what each individual client desires out of their lash extensions. Take the time to pinpoint what your clients are asking for, and try your best to deliver them the customized results they want while keeping their natural lashes healthy and happy. Communication is everything during this time when people are feeling alone, and when you know the woman or man you are catering to, you can cater to them beautifully every time. Send your clients text reminders of how much you miss them and are thinking of them. Remember, you are a part of people’s lives every few weeks; a constant in their schedule. Make that precious time of theirs with you the best part of their week and something they most look forward to coming back to. Being a lash artist is a beautiful opportunity to love people.

From all of us at LashboxLA,

We hope you and your loved ones all are staying safe, sane and healthy!

We are all in this together!



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