The Beauty of Our Cashmere Feather 0.02 Lashes

by Joanne Kim September 02, 2021

Just when you thought mega volume couldn’t get any better with 0.03s, low and behold… Lashbox LA has done it again with the new and revolutionary 0.02mm Cashmere Feather lashes! When I say these are a dream to work with, they. Are. A. Dream.
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Benefits of Primer

by Joanne Kim November 04, 2020

Not to prime is a crime... but there are exceptions! Think of it like this: Priming is a preparatory step that's applied on a clean canvas to hold onto whatever product is applied afterward...
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Working With Color Lashes

by Sylwia Walus July 28, 2020

Working with colored lashes can be so amazing and fun! (Why do you think we have come out with so many at Lashbox LA?! They are some of my favorites!) While playing with color can be exhilarating, there are some basic rules that need to be followed ...
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Super Fans: The Newest Evolution of Pre-Made Fans

by Teressa Larson May 27, 2020

When you started lashing, did you immediately wish you could do MORE? More volume, more lashes, more density, more length, just... MORE? I know how you feel ...
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How to Choose the Best Lash Extensions for You

by Joanne Kim March 17, 2020

How many of you have spent your hard-earned money on trays and trays of lashes, only to find out that they did not work for you? (Hi, I’m guilty of it.) We’ve all ...
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