The New Dream Girls - L+ series (L+, M, and U curl)

by Joanne Kim April 09, 2020

The New Dream Girls - L+ series (L+, M, and U curl)

They’re spunky; They’re the new girls next door; the L+ series (L+, M, and U curl)! They’re everyone’s new dream girls! Our industry is constantly improving and coming out with new evolutionary, inclusive curls. We all know that one curl is not a one size fits all, so I love that this new series gives the clients more options than a standard C, CC, and D curl! In my opinion, I think it’s important to stay on track with the upcoming trends with all things lashes and who knows, maybe it’ll be your next obsession! I can personally say that about this new series!

Now, what does it look like and how does it appear when applied on the client?

Everyone knows about the L curl, right? A standard L curl has a flat base and takes a sharp turn to the tips at a 45-degree angle. This curl is typically great for clients with straight or downward natural lashes. Some lash artists enjoy it to create an instant lift and it is also used for portfolio work. It is all personal preference; however, some clients prefer the curled look from a profile standpoint. Not everyone prefers the sharp edge of a L curl. That is why the new L+ Art Series was designed to still provide you a straight base that natural lashes with a relaxed curl crave AND continue to give the appearance of a C and D curl!

Okay, I know what L curl looks like, but what does L+ look like?

L+ is a L curl with a rounder edge. It still provides the elongated lift that a standard L curl has. It provides the most height out of the series. Those who want to cheat the length for clients who always want long lengths (but you know you should be going shorter ;-) ) , natural lashes that point downwards, or even gals who have hollow, deep set eyes would benefit the most out of this curl! L+ curl looks incredible with an intense cat or kitten eye map!

What does M Curl look like?

Think of it like this… It’s like a L curl and D curl made a baby! Haha no, but really, it’s exactly that. The M curl is so universal that you can either dress it up or dress it down for those who open up the eyes like a D curl would. D curl won’t give you a proper attachment for straight lashes like the entire L+ series would due to its curved, “scooped up” shape. The M curl would look beautiful with a doll or natural map!

What about U curl?

U curl is the baby of L and C curl! This curl would be perfect for rounding the eyes. Since the curl is slightly more relaxed than the M curl, the U curl is perfect for the clients who like the “No-Makeup Makeup” and is overall a universal curl to work with!

Not only will the L+ series make attachment so incredibly easy and will instantly darken the lash line, but the retention is taken to a whole different level. Since more surface area of the base is attached to the natural lash, it will guarantee the best bond possible for straight lashes! You will notice that the retention will go 0 to 100 REAL QUICK! NOW THAT’S A WINNER!!!

***A huge tip for attachment: try tilting your head to the side to make sure the entire base becomes one with the natural lash. Taping up the lashes to get the layers also help tremendously. That goes for any curl that you are working with!

Who will benefit the most out of the L+ series?

Everyone and anyone who typically experience retention issues with a curlier curl. The L+ series is not recommended for those who have naturally curly lashes. Instead, a B, C, CC, or D curl will work better for you.

If you love the look of C curl, you’ll love the U curl. If you love the look of D curl, but have trouble with its retention, give M curl a try. Last but not least, if you want the most elongated lift, L+ is your girl! (I reference my curls as girls, haha). I promise you will be obsessed!

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