Self-Love in Lashing

by Jenna Young February 09, 2022

Self-Love in Lashing

The Power of Self-Love in The Lash Industry

How does self-love help you in the lash industry?

Uncertainty, doubt, comparison, negative thoughts, insecurity are all notions every single lash artist feels at some point in their lashing careers. These feelings can make us pause the beauty of our growth that can lead us to magical places in the lashing industry. So how do we stop these feelings and obtain confidence to grow? I can personally say for me the only way was to fully love myself and become happy with every part of me. One sentence makes it seem too easy because I know and you know too well it isn’t easy at all. To love yourself takes everything in you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

3 and a half years ago I found myself wanting to flourish in the lash world, but nothing I was trying was working. Why? Because I wasn’t being authentic to myself, I was too busy trying to do what was working for everyone else. I wasn’t focusing on me, I was comparing myself to other artists on social media all the time who were elite, even though I had just started. Once I changed my mindset to be positive; to focus on the good, to be kind to myself, to perceive life with gratitude, to do things with my love and passion I have for lashing. All of a sudden the things I hated about myself and in my past became things I loved because I finally fell in love with myself! My whole life turned around, my mental health improved, I became a version of myself I never thought would be obtainable. Instead of comparing myself to others, I started to aspire to be like them, work as hard as my Instagram idols, cheer them on, and be happy for their successes. In return my hard work made me accomplish and grow so much as a lash artist.

I remember I used to scroll on Instagram and think to myself: “Oh my gosh, I could never do that pretty of a lash set.” “Why can’t I make fans like that?” “I’ll never be like them.” But now with self-love: 1. I would never talk to myself that way. 2. I get fueled by the work ethic of others. I personally love getting on Instagram and seeing other artists do stunning work, because I know and have so much respect for how punctilious they are. The time, the talent, the skill, and how hard they work to be able to create their strikingly, admirable Instagram aesthetics and lash sets. It motivates me to be a better artist, to practice fanning daily, to go the extra mile with my clients, to educate myself with the latest and greatest, to want to take better photos, to create better content, to go after anything!

Self-love took me from being a scared girl who barely knew how to do classics; to a POWERFUL woman who can do all techniques of lashing with confidence because I am proud of who I am, the art I create, and how hard I work and will continue working in this industry! I wanted to express how compelling loving yourself is, being you is YOUR one superpower. The remedy to the stunt in my growth was my failure to see how special I was all along. We are all human, we are all extraordinary, we all deserve to know how remarkable we all are in our unique own ways. Let’s spread the power of self-love and be hype lash cheerleaders for us all to hear!!

Xoxo - Jenna Young