Soft Silk Mink 0.06mm Single Size Tray (16lines)


Our 0.06mm Lashes are perfectly sized and selected to create even more perfect fans. These lashes will allow you to build fans with a technique similar to 0.07mm but you will be able to apply more lashes and deliver a more black and dense finish.

This is a perfect lash for Volume beginners it doesn't require as much skills as 0.03 and 0.05 and it’s much easier to spread than 0.07 mm due to its non-sticky fiber. 

Our silk lash series are newly processed by an embossing laser finish which improves lash attachment and makes ''fanning'' easier. Micro laser cuts on the lash surface makes these lashes even lighter for Volume styling.

Our tray comes with 16 lash strips, 25% more than a standard tray.