Camellia Starter Kit

This essential kit will help you deliver the highest quality Camellia volume lashes in the least amount of time and at a great value.

Kit includes 

  • Volume RX Glue 10ML
  • Volume J+ Tweezer - Gold
  • Classic Straight Tweezer - Gold
  • Medical Foam tape 
  • Mascara Wands - 10 pcs  
  • Volume Expert Glue Trays
  • 1 x Camellia Lashes C 8-10-12 mm 
  • 1 x Camellia Lashes D 8-10-12 mm 
  • 1 x Camellia Lashes C 10-12-14 mm 
  • 1 x Camellia Lashes D 10-12-14 mm
  • 1 x Camellia Lashes C 11-13-15 mm
  • 1 x Camellia Lashes D 11-13-15 mm

 *Camellia Lashes have multi lengths on the lash strip to create a multi level Volume. With our Camellia lashes you can easily create lash fan with different lengths for more natural and multi dimensional styling. Lashes are nicely spread on the strip which helps building your fans faster.




*No discount codes can be applied to any Kits

* All LBLA Beauty Lashes are synthetic fibers

*Mixed trays are lengths 8-14 (2 lines of 8/9/10/13/14 & 3 lines of 11/12)

*Product photo is an example of what is included in the kit. Kits may change and vary.

*The word “Mink” and “Sable” are used to describe the softness/texture of the lash. All of LBLA Beauty products are animal cruelty free.