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Favorite Cashmere Mink

A fan favorite when it comes down to the flower bouquet technique- ha, see what I did there! The hype is REAL, guys. The favorite line was redesigned into more absolute PERFECTION from the original CM, which is still amazing by the way. This is such a great collection to work with, especially if you are a beginner to the FB technique.

It holds the curl perfectly with tapered tips and its matte, non-sticky fibers separate the lashes at the base as soon as you peel it off the strip, which is the goal for the FB technique.The new Favorite Cashmere is very similar to the original; they have improved curl consistency, spreadability, and are a super-fine 0.03, tapering through the top half of the lash. They are our thinnest lash fiber and on a narrow orange tape strip that holds them in place a little bit more firmly than the Original Cashmeres due to their ultra-light weight, but still releases them easily. They are the mattest lash finish and deep black. Ideal for both the flower bouquet technique and other fanning techniques. Brush gently before application.

For Russian volume technique, the 0.07 and 0.05 Favorite Cashmere Mink and 0.06 Original Cashmere are fantastic. If you are a sticky dot user, the 0.07 Favorite Cashmere Mink is an absolute DREAM.

Technique recommended: Off-The-Strip Pinching, Sticky Dot and FB 

Original Cashmere, Improved Curl

This is the blackest lash on the market, laser cut for consistent diameter through the length of the lash, tapering only at the very top ⅓ to create the darkest lash sets. It removes from the new thinner tape strip easily for a controlled grip on lashes. We kept the original because we know everyone has their personal preference and is a die-hard fan of the Original Cashmeres. We always strive for improvement hence why we created the Favorite Cashmeres.

These smooth lashes should be used with your most precise tweezer that has the largest sweet spot for the best control.

Technique recommended: Off-The-Strip, Pinching, Sticky Dot and FB 


Favorite Royal Sable are for those who love our original Royal Sable but still want to be able to use them for the Flower Bouquet technique. They are deep black, semi-matte, and perfect for shimmying on the strip, using Off-The-Strip technique, or for those who loved using the Flower Bouquet technique with the old Royal Sables. They come on a tape strip that looks similar to the Favorite Cashmere and are easy to remove, but bases can stay together a bit more than the Cashmeres so shimmying and brushing well with these is a must. Brush well before application.

Technique recommended: Off-The-Strip, Pinching, FB 


If you prefer to work with lashes where the base still comes together when pulled off the strip (but not entirely stuck together), then the Royal Sable line is your cup of tea. Its semi-matte, non-sticky fibers hold their curl perfectly and makes it effortless to create fans of all diameters with any technique.

The Original Royal Sable is the perfect mega volume lashes for those that fan on the strip or use Off-The-Strip technique to fan. While they are placed on a strip that looks like both Favorite lashes, they will stay together in the base when shimmied and are not used for the Flower Bouquet technique. It is ultra-flexible and perfect for those who want to use any number of techniques that fan on the strip. Brush well before application.

Technique recommended: Off-The-Strip, Pinching, Sticky Dot 


This collection will be great for those who don’t want to immediately jump the gun to 0.03s. I know how intimidating it can be, so this collection is great for those who want to slowly ease their way into 0.03 and already love working with 0.05. The Silky Mink 0.03 thickness is similar to a fine 0.05; therefore, my best advice would be to slowly work your way down to thinner diameters, rather than working from a 0.07 to a true 0.03. Brush well before application.

Technique recommended: Pinching, Off-The-Strip, FB 


If you are all about texture, then both Pandora and Camelia are your gals! They both have an amazing blend of different lengths on the strip. The Pandora lashes have a blend of 2 different lengths of C and C+ curls on the strip while the Camelia has 3 lengths in a C and D tray! I recommend starting off with Camelia before moving onto Pandora. These are amazing to use if you want to simplify the way you map your textured sets.

Technique recommended For Pandora: Sticky Dot

Technique recommended For Camelia: Off-The-Strip, Sticky Do