Makeup Remover Bundle

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Makeup Remover Bundle includes package of 2 reusable makeup removing cloth finger mitts and set of 2 eyelash extension towels.

Break Up with Your Makeup - Makeup Remover Mitts

REMOVES MAKEUP FAST: Package of 2 reusable makeup removing cloth finger mitts that wipe away makeup, dirt and oil in just seconds.

REUSABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE: These cloth mitts fit over your fingers to clean smaller, precision areas like the lash line and lips and are machine washable - throw in the wash to use again and again.

FREE OF CHEMICALS: Using only warm water or with Lashbox LA Bubble Wash. These ultra-soft, woven polyester-blend cloths get rid of tough makeup without leaving behind residue - just fresh, healthy soft, skin.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Completely soak cloth in water or Lashbox LA Bubble Wash and use circular motions on your face, being gentle around the eye area. Rinse and lay flat to dry.


Eyelash Extensions Towel - Set of 2

Our specially designed lash towel is gentle and soft for your eyelash extensions. The non-woven structure doesn't pull or tug on lashes and keeps them in their best fluffy condition. Our cloth is twice as absorbing than other regular face towels and dries lashes instantly!

A great retail item for a studio. Recommended for salon and in home use. Our Lash Cloth can also be used as a face wash cloth and face towel.

Set of 2 cloths in our cute breathable kitten bag to keep your cloths in great condition and lint free.

Towel color - Black