The Beauty of Our Cashmere Feather 0.02 Lashes

by Joanne Kim September 02, 2021

The Beauty of Our Cashmere Feather 0.02 Lashes

Just when you thought mega volume couldn’t get any better with 0.03s, low and behold… Lashbox LA has done it again with the new and revolutionary 0.02mm Cashmere Feather lashes! When I say these are a dream to work with, they. Are. A. Dream.

Let’s just start with the fact that these lashes are the lightest and thinnest lashes on the market, which means the outcome of your set will have a heavenly touch and fluff to them and the best part is? Everyone with different conditions of natural lashes (from extremely thin to thick) can now enjoy having density without the damage with 0.02 and can be used in all of the ways 0.03 lashes can. Clients with super fine, thin, or damaged lashes now have an amazing “repair and wear” option to help get them back on track to full, healthy naturals.

0.02 Feather lashes sport half the weight of 0.03 lashes and feel like.. well, a feather.

When you do the math we find that we can make lash fans 15-20D with 0.03 lashes and 25-30D with 0.02- provided we aren’t using too much adhesive. They are in no means a replacement of 0.03, but as a supplement. There is a time and a place for both and we love to have options!

We’ve had an insane amount of testimonials saying that:

"A set of 0.02mm mega volume feels almost weightless compared to other diameters"

"Clients have seen more noticeable growth in their natural lashes
0.02 basically wrap themselves"

"Lash retention is INFINITE!"

Sounds too good to be true?! You have to try it out for yourself because yes it does live up to the hype, and your clients will fall in love too.

Personally, I have converted most of my clients to 0.02mm Cashmere Feather because of its versatility, how incredibly easy they are to flower bouquet with and soft yet full effect that it delivers. I am able to create the fluffiest classic effects, volume, and mega volume looks while delivering speedier sets!

It’s a win-win for everyone, I’m telling you!

Due to the fact that these lashes are so thin and have amazing spreadability, using your best gripped tweezer is key when working with thinner diameters like 0.02 and 0.03. It’s also important to be delicate with them since they are thinner. Similar to our other lashes in the Favorite Line, when the 0.02mm are peeled off the strip, the base becomes loose so all of my flower bouquet lovers and pinchers out there … I know you’ll fall in love!

Virtual xoxo,


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