Mermaid Volume Ombre Lashes 0.05 Mixed Tray- Green

Introducing our new Volume Ombre Lash, this lash has a blend of 2 colors starting from the black base up to the colored tip. This ombre lash is our deepest black and blends in gorgeously with a hint of deep ocean like colors and just to give it that extra sparkle.  
Special feather look in 0.05mm thickness is achieved by mixing few lengths on on line. 
This lash is great for those who want some extra sparkle but still keeping a subtle look as well as all makeup lovers. This subtle colored tip will enhance any makeup to look more define. 
This is a mixed tray of 8mm-15mm (within 1-2mm length diffrence)
Length: 8 - 1 line
Lengths: 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 - 2 lines each
color: black/green  
Fiber: Cashmere
Thickness: 0.05
Colors: Purple, Green, Blue
Highest quality of soft and fine fiber. 

Our highest quality synthetic lashes are always cruelty free.