How to Choose the Best Lash Extensions for You

by Joanne Kim March 17, 2020

How many of you have spent your hard-earned money on trays and trays of lashes, only to find out that they did not work for you? (Hi, I’m guilty of it.) We’ve all ...
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The Culture of Competition in our Lash Industry - You're Not Alone

by Teressa Larson February 21, 2020 1 Comment

I recently was on a phone call with a lash artist that was struggling greatly in many areas - environment conditions, clientele,and personally.  We worked through what she could do to ... 
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How to Grow from Difficult Clients and Conflict

by Teressa Larson January 08, 2020 1 Comment

How do you feel when you receive a client complaint, or someone reports being dissatisfied with the lashes you applied on them? Maybe a better question is, how does this situation make you react? As lash artists ...
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A day in the life of a LashBox LA Training

by Lydia Dominick November 05, 2019

We all know Lashbox LA is different, after all, that's why you are here right now! But we wanted to take a moment and tell you what is different about our trainings, specifically, and what our trainings are going to continue ...
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The Reward of Guilt-Free Lashing

by Lydia Domnick September 17, 2019

I'm watching this freedom happen all over the place. It’s this incredible feeling artists find when they know they’ve done their job right & they’ve used the right products. 
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Innovation and the Growth of the Lash Industry (or, the pre-made fan discussion 😉)

by Teressa Larson August 20, 2019

The eyelash extension industry has advanced so much in the last several years, and where would we be without that advancement? Still picking up loose lashes from little pots and plunking heavy ...
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The Life and Death of a Tweezer

by Lydia Domnick August 06, 2019 1 Comment

As a lash artist, our tweezers are sometimes far too important to us. It’s the only tool we need and we need it to work for eight hours a day, five days a week and if it doesn’t, we are “up a creek.”
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The Most Important Thing Lash Artists Can Do for Their Career

by Sylwia Walus July 22, 2019

Practicing your lash making on a daily basis is one of the most important things you can do for your lash career. There are several reasons why this is a key component to focus on in your career, but to start out, I like to put it like this ...
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Easy Tips for Eyelash Extension Tweezer Sanitation

by Teressa Larson May 08, 2019

We all know that it’s important to sanitize our tools (and if “we” don’t, we do now, and there are no excuses from here on out ;) but knowing they need to be sanitized and knowing the best way to go about it may be two different things.
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3 Amazing Eyelash Adhesive Tips for Lash Artists

by Lydia Dominick April 24, 2019

Retention is such an important topic and so many of our artists have questions about it. I think it is so complicated because it has to do with the weather and that is just one thing that is rarely consistent. No matter what country, altitude or climate you live in… not every day is the same. Unfortunately, that effects the way our adhesive works.
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Simple Tips to Build Better Relationships with your Eyelash Extension Clients

by Lydia Domnick April 17, 2019

I absolutely love my clients. Some of them were even at my wedding. These people become a part of our lives and I love that so much about lashing. I know that lashing silently is some of the best lashing that ever happens but building relationships also has staying power.
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Important Instagram Do's and Dont's for Lash Artists

by Teressa Larson March 21, 2019

Instagram can be a tricky business to navigate if lash artists don’t view and use it from the perspective of a service provider and business owner (even if you work for someone else;). We want to help break it down for you, because it can be so hard to know what to focus on first. Follow these four main points, and you’ll be on your way to building the following of your dreams.
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