ORIGINAL - Cashmere Lashes 0.03mm


The blackest lash on the market, laser cut for consistent diameter through the length of the lash, tapering only at the very top ⅓ to create the darkest lash sets. Removes from the new thinner tape strip easily for a controlled grip on lashes.

Perfect for the Flower Bouquet when experienced with shimmying first, the Waiting room, fanning on the strip, and pinching.

These smooth lashes should be used with your most precise tweezer that has the large sweet-spot for the best control. For more ease in spreadability use Fiber Prep and brush well before application.

Please note that products sold by LBLA Beauty are animal cruelty free and vegan free products. Products described as “mink”  or "cashmere" are used to explain the feel/texture of lash.