Faux Mink 3D - Sienna

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When you’re in the mood to add a little oomph–or drop-dead drama–to your every day, Lashbox LA’s 3-D multi-dimensional synthetic lashes will do just the trick. The high-quality, flexible and long-lasting lashes look professional and are created to mimic luxurious mink (they’re cruelty-free!). What’s more, this cost-effective option lasts for 15 wears when used with care. Take your natural beauty to new heights!  

Sienna - uniquely stylish and subtly crisscrossed

Free-spirited, fashionable, and naturally beautiful is the name of the game with Sienna, our go-to lash for a beautiful bohemian look. The delicate, crisscrossed lashes look stunning with freckles and little else.

  • Cruelty-Free Mink Synthetic
  • Up to 15 Wears
  • 3-D Multi-Dimensional Look
  • Extra Fluffy and Realistic-Looking