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Mega Volume 0.03 L-Art Series lashes for mega volume lash artists who are looking to deliver on-trend lash designs, and add new styling options to their menu! Our L-Art Series lashes bring a dramatic lift to the eye while keeping a soft look and beautiful workability.  As the leader in 0.03 eyelash extensions in the lash industry, our unique perspective and on-point quality control have allowed us to create the ONLY full collection of L lashes in the world.  Available now in Mega Volume 0.03, L, L+, LM, and LU lashes are incredibly easy to work with and produce a mega volume effect like none other.  

Their extremely luxurious matte black finish allows you to create deep black mega volume sets of lashes. Created with a perfectly sized, and non-sticking strip makes it easy to build well-balanced fans quickly. The extreme flexibility of this lash allows the artist to spread and move it with ease. Perfect for creating a cat eye and lifting downward growing lashes.  The variety of techniques and looks you can create with 0.03 have just increased exponentially.  Enjoy working with the best L-curl lashes on the market! 

Our highest quality synthetic lashes are always cruelty free.

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Cassie Walsh

I love Art Series and am so thankful LBLA has them. They make life so much better! My clients are very happy!