Lace it Up Vegan Segment Lashes - Retail Set

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Set of 24 includes 30% discount 

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Set of 18 / C Includes:

  • (6) C curl - Short 
  • (6) C curl - Medium
  • (6) C curl - Long

Set of 18 / D Includes:

  • (6) D curl - Short 
  • (6) D curl - Medium
  • (6) D curl - Long

Set of 24 / C Includes:

  • (8) C curl - Short 
  • (8) C curl - Medium
  • (8) C curl - Long

Set of 24 / D Includes:

  • (8) D curl - Short 
  • (8) D curl - Medium
  • (8) D curl - Long

Set of 24 / C & D Includes:

  • (4) C curl - Short 
  • (4) C curl - Medium
  • (4) C curl - Long
  • (4) D curl - Short 
  • (4) D curl - Medium
  • (4) D curl - Long

 Lace it Up - Seamless Lash System

Our new under & over lash application system is easy to apply and delivers comfortable, flawless, and perfectly attached lashes - that look like extensions. Each segment of Lace It Up lashes is its own little masterpiece of perfectly aligned high quality fibers - premade just for you. Crafted with a soft cotton band and attached with professional quality lash adhesive to deliver comfort and extended wear. In Home salon quality!

This system requires specially created adhesive to apply and wear lashes properly. If you haven't already purchased a Lace It Up starter kit, these lashes must be purchased with a Precision Duo Bond Adhesive to achieve the look and long wear you deserve!

Lace It Up lashes are meant to be applied from under & over the natural lashes, instead of on top of the skin like traditional strips. They can be worn for 3 to 7 days at a time with minimal maintenance, meaning you just became your very own lash artist! This system works together to give you customizable lash sets in less time, and for way less money. Allow yourself to get creative by mixing and matching curls, lengths, and textures, or use our handy “Lash Maps” for a roadmap to a specific look. Simply apply the length and curl suggested in the map to each area of your eye for a final look that will even make lash extension artists wonder if you are sporting extensions!

The system includes a special lash glue that is applied like mascara to bond each individual cluster flawlessly. Paired with the specially created applicator, you can apply these lashes in just a little more time than your normal mascara routine takes! Take your lashes to new heights and let them speak volumes with Lace It Up lashes, your sexy little secret!

  • Color: Black
  • 32 segments per box
  • 60 fibers in one segment
  • Vegan, Cruelty-free
  • Lengths in mixes- short (8mm,10mm,12mm) medium (10mm,12mm,14mm), long (12mm,14mm,16mm)
  • Curl: C - Soft curl , D - curly
  • PBT silk fiber

How are these different from strip lashes?

Lace it Up segments are similar to mini sections of strip lashes, but also totally different. They have an ultra-soft and fine band that holds the lashes together in multi-dimensional segments. Unlike strips, they are placed under the lash line for undetectable wear and extra comfort. You can also wear them longer than strip lashes, 3 to 7 days with proper care, since they aren’t attached directly to the skin, but to the natural lashes.

How are they different from cluster lashes I can buy at the drugstore?

Our segments have much softer, more flexible bands than drugstore clusters, with lash fibers of the highest quality. With Lace It Up segments, you can achieve a bold, beautiful, voluminous look with just one layer, whereas cheaper drugstore brands require two or more layers to get a similar effect. These are specifically crafted to be placed and worn under the lash line, with no uncomfortable or irritating plastic bands poking your delicate skin.

How are these different from professional eyelash extensions?

Professional lash extensions are hand-made and placed on one individual natural lash at a time with a professional adhesive that bonds them to each natural lash permanently. They are meant to be worn continuously with ‘fills’ to replace fallen or lost lashes. Our Lace It Up segments are attached to sections of multiple natural lashes at a time with a flexible adhesive that wears up to a week, instead of permanently. Lace It Up segments are not ever meant to be used with professional lash extension adhesive, and must be removed and replaced every 3 to 7 days to ensure beautiful results and healthy lashes.

How long can I wear them?

Anywhere from one day, up to 7 depending on how you care for them! We find most users prefer to wear them for 3 to 5 days.

What do I need to apply Lace It Up lashes?

These lashes require our Duo Precision Bond glue, specially designed glue to attach to the natural lashes properly. It is similar to, but stronger than, traditional strip lash glue. You also will need a tweezer or applicator to apply lashes properly - our false lash applicators are an ideal option for each step of the process.

How do I apply Lace It Up lashes?

Step 1 / Begin with fresh, clean lashes. Using the black mascara end of the Precision Bond Duo Lash Adhesive apply under your top lashes as you would apply mascara, focusing on the base of the lashes. Using your Lash Applicator, pick up one Lace it Up lash segment.

Step 2 / Apply by placing the Lace it Up lash segment on the underside of your eyelashes. Work your way across your lashes starting from the outer or inner corner, making sure to keep each segment just above your waterline. Do your best to keep them aligned so there are no gaps between each cluster. See our Double Stack Tip below for a fuller, more dramatic look!

Step 3 / Once your lashes are placed to perfection, gently but firmly squeeze your eyelashes and segments together, holding for a few seconds in each area to set your look.

Double Stack Tip: For a fuller, more dramatic lash line, apply a second layer of lashes to the top of the lash line, sandwiching your natural lashes between two layers of Lace It Up lash segments. Before applying the second layer, apply a thin layer of Clear lash adhesive from the Precision Bond Duo to the bottom of the lash segment for extra staying power.

Why would I choose these over other lash options?

Lace It Up lashes will be perfect for you if you love the look of lash extensions, but don’t love the application time - or price tag - that goes along with them. We find they are an ideal commitment-free option for weekend getaways, special events, or just daily wear, depending on your lifestyle. If eyelash extensions aren’t an option, or perhaps you are sensitive to the ingredients or process, this is a great alternative!

Can someone who is allergic to eyelash extensions wear Lace It Up?

Yes! The components of this lash system are different from those that are used for professional extensions. The adhesive is cyanoacrylate-free (often the reason someone may be allergic to extensions), latex-free, and suitable for sensitive eyes.

Is the adhesive Latex Free?

Yes! All of our adhesives are latex-free.

How do I care for Lace It Up lashes?

Rule number one - don’t sleep on your face! You can think of these lashes as something to treat carefully, but definitely live your life in them! They can withstand incidental wetness (like washing your face and going swimming without staying submerged) but should avoid some specific circumstances: Don’t pick, pull, or rub lashes aggressively. Avoid steam rooms and saunas in excess. Pat dry gently after showering or getting wet. Use applicator to squeeze and bond lashes back together each morning. If a segment ever feels like it is lifting away or not staying put, remove it, apply more black Duo adhesive to that area and re-apply the lash segment.

Can I get these lashes wet, and should I wash them?

They can withstand incidental wetness (like washing your face and going swimming without staying submerged) but should avoid some specific circumstances: Don’t pick, pull, or rub lashes aggressively. Avoid steam rooms and saunas in excess. Pat dry gently after showering or getting wet. Use applicator to squeeze and bond lashes back together after being wet.

How do I remove them after I’m done wearing them?

To remove lashes, gently pull the band of each lash segment away from your natural lashes with your fingertips or applicator. If it doesn’t easily detach, add micellar water or waterproof makeup remover to a cotton swab and gently swipe from the base of the lashes to the tips to loosen the adhesive and lashes. To remove additional residue, use a lint-free pad with a small amount of micellar water or waterproof makeup remover and gently swipe along the lash line. Lashes may be reused multiple times with proper care.

(Be patient removing the glue. Soak a cotton round in micellar water or waterproof makeup remover, then press gently to your lashes for about 60 seconds. Start to wipe like you would remove mascara. After about 50% of it seems like it's off, get another cotton round with micellar water on it and using your finger tips squeeze it around a small section of lashes and pull away. You should see most of the glue in that area come off. Repeat until your lashes are clean.)

If you are trying to remove lashes but find micellar water or waterproof makeup remover isn’t doing the trick, you may run warm water over your lashes in the shower to further loosen the adhesive. After a minute or two, gently try removing segments with your fingers.

How do I touch up lashes while wearing them?

If a segment ever feels like it is lifting away or not staying put, remove it, apply more black Duo adhesive to that area and re-apply the lash segment, squeezing to set it in place again.

Why would a lash extension company promote at-home lashes that look like extensions?

We have created these lashes for people who cannot get lash extensions, whether due to an allergy, financial obligation or simply preference. While there will never be a product that replaces professional eyelash extensions, our heart and soul is to bring lashes and the loveliness that comes with them to all people of all interests and all demographics. These are simply a longer-wearing option to strip lashes, which we also create and sell. They last for several days but are absolutely temporary, and they can even be an incredible add-on service to salon and spa menus everywhere- catering to brides and party-goers for weekend-long lashes when extensions wouldn't have been chosen, or an option at all.

If I find strip lashes uncomfortable, will I find Lace It Up lashes uncomfortable, too?

Nope! This lash system is created to both look and feel like lash extensions. While some people will live and love that strip lash life forever, we know that some people are more sensitive to them than others. Since these lashes don’t apply to the skin, there is no lifting or poking delicate areas of the eye like can sometimes happen with strip lashes. To sum it up, these babies are incredibly comfortable.

How do I choose the curl that is right for me?

C curl lashes are perfect for those looking for a timeless look, or with already round or protruding eyes, as they elongate and balance out the roundness of the eye. D curl lashes are for the glam girl who likes to go big, or those desiring a little more lift. These add roundness to the eye while drawing the tips upward.

How do I choose the length that is right for me?

Our lengths each come in mixed trays to create a great look just for you. If you prefer a subtle lash line, go for the Short lengths. Can’t decide between long and dramatic and short and sweet? Medium is for you. If you love to bring on the drama, opt for Long.

How can I use them to create different styles?

Try applying longer lashes to the outer corner - the more variation from short to long, the more dramatic the cat eye.

Stick with a shorter length across the entire eye.

Focus the longest lashes in the center of the eye.

Apply additional adhesive and clusters atop the initial row, clamping to seal as you go.

Can you wear these with lash extensions?

No, that would be just like wearing strip lashes while wearing extensions - the flexible adhesive would be incredibly hard to remove completely while wearing professional extensions.

Can I wear Lace It Up lashes to fill gaps between extension fills?

No, that would be just like wearing strip lashes while wearing extensions - the flexible adhesive would be incredibly hard to remove completely while wearing professional extensions.

Why don’t Lace It Up lashes damage natural lashes?

The adhesive created to keep these lash segments attached to the natural lashes is flexible, meaning they can continue to grow naturally while the lashes are applied, and they don’t get pulled out when the lashes are removed. Making sure you treat them carefully and gently before, during, and after wearing them will always help.

What if my natural lashes grow downward?

Whether all of your lashes, or just a portion, grow downward, feel free to use a lash curler before applying the adhesive to your lashes.

Can these be provided as a professional temporary lash service?

Absolutely! Just like strip lashes, cluster lashes, and individual flair lashes are applied as a beauty service, often in conjunction with makeup applications, these can be as well. Offer as a stand-alone long-wear alternative to strip lashes, or as a makeup add-on to bridal services, bachelorette weekends, or bridal parties. Lashes should last for 3+ days and at the end, clients can remove the lashes themselves.

The Breakdown: Get all the juicy details on how to apply these lashes like a pro, and learn about lash care and maintenance with Lace It Up lashes!

First and foremost, get excited - these lashes are life-changing! Now, there are some things you need to know to get the best results possible. One of them is to take your time. While these lashes are 100% doable in 5 minutes flat, that’s after you’ve gotten to know them a little better. It can take some trial and error to get it right every time, but anything worth having is worth waiting for! Make sure you have a clean workspace, bright lighting, a mirror that you can get up close and personal with, and your supplies: Lace It Up lashes, applicator, and Duo Precision Bond glue.

Next, practice removing some of the Lace It Up segments that you are going to use from the box. Use a firm grip along the length of the segment and lift it up off the strip. Gently place it back down so it’s easier to pick up at the tips when you are ready to apply it. Get to know the lash lengths - pick them up and place them next to your lash line (without glue this time around) to see where you want the shortest and longest lashes to be. You can also use this time to practice how you may want to change your angle or grip on the lashes based on the area of your lash line you are applying them to. On average most people will use 5 segments per eye for one layer.

Now you are ready to apply. Again, take it slow, and apply glue to your natural lashes on just one eye first. Focus on application at the base of the lashes, the tips need little to no glue on them, but if it gets there don’t sweat it. At this point you’ll want to keep your eyes open as much as possible, and blink gently to make sure you don’t get any glue transferred to the lower lashes. If you do, use a wet cotton bud or your fingertips to remove glue from the lower lashes before applying segments to the top.

After removing a segment from the box, grip it at the tips of the lashes with your applicator. Bringing it up to your eye, apply with the base of the segment just above your waterline, to the outer corner first. Lift the lash segment up to meet the natural lashes, avoiding overlapping the waterline. For the most comfort, lashes should only be applied to natural lashes, not to the skin. Repeat this process, applying segments one next to the other until you get to the inner corner. Before applying the last segment to the inner corner, examine how much space you have left along your lash line - if it is enough for a full segment go ahead and apply as usual. If it is smaller than a full segment, you can trim the last segment down to fit (sometimes cutting it in half is just the thing.)

Having applied the lower lashes to your whole lash line, use your applicator tool to firmly squeeze the lash segments in place to your natural lashes, bonding them together. Ensure your tweezer is free from adhesive that may have transferred from the top lashes when bonding, and start the application process on the next eye. Make sure to note which lengths you used in each area of the eye to mirror that application for matching sets.

When both eyes are done, you are all set! Unless, of course, you want to turn up the volume and amp up the drama in your lash set! If that’s the case, you can apply a second layer of lashes on top of your natural lashes for extra length, density, or to fill any gaps that may have occurred during application. Use the clear adhesive with the brush to apply a small amount of glue to the very bottom of each lash segment, and lay them one after the other on the top of your lashes. Squeeze them all together with the applicator to bond again, and you are good to go!

From here the styles you can create are almost endless. Experiment with different lengths, curls and styles, and keep an eye out on @lblacosmetics for tips, tricks, advanced styling, and so much more!

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