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OMega Adhesive


If you’ve worked with the rest, it’s time to try the best! This O!Mega glue bonds lashes up to 8 weeks and is for the experienced lash artist that needs an ultra-fast drying adhesive.  It’s very thin consistency and rapid dry time makes Mega Volume Lashing so much faster and easier, making attachment a breeze and keeping your fans perfectly open. Similar to our Superhero’s temperament and dry time, O!Mega was created to work better in higher humidity conditions. This glue has some of the best retention on the market and significantly helps to reduce time and amount of work with your touch-ups.

  • This adhesive is recommended only for advance artists who isolate lashes perfectly and work very fast. This adhesive works best in humidity between 30% and 70% and temperature 65-75 degrees. Recommended Humidity and temperature for very fast drying time and best retention: 45%-65% humidity, and 70-72 Degrees F.
    • Retention - 7- 8 weeks
    • Viscosity - Thin
    • Color - Seamless Black
    • Fumes- Minimal
    • Structure- Flexible
    Drying Time(s) 30-40% Humidity-  1-2 Sec 40-60% Humidity- 0.5-1  Sec 60-70% Humidity-  Immediate Available in 5ml, 10ml bottle Always use with in 30 days after opening.
    • O!Mega adhesive is recommended for Professionals with 2 (+) years experience in Volume lashes.
    • This glue is only recommended for artist who isolate lashes perfectly and work very fast Product can be used only on completely closed eyes throughout application.
    • Use under eye gel patches or medical foam tape to minimize fumes
    • Be mindful that lash extension adhesive fumes may cause an allergic reaction to certain people.
    • Client Information Consent Form is required before first lash extension application.
    • Patch test is required before using this product.
    • Patch test should be performed for all new clients and every time different adhesive is used for application (different adhesives has different % of ingredients).
    • Be mindful that It is possible to develop sensitivity to adhesive with time.
    • Read instruction on the back of the label before using.
    • For professional use only. Esthetician license required to use this adhesive.Please choose wisely. Open adhesive items can not be returned or refunded.
    • All lash adhesives need to be handled with extreme caution.
    • DO NOT open adhesives near your client or near the area where the lash service is taking place.
    • DO NOT APPLY GLUE ON SKIN. Excessive amounts of glue on the skin may cause burns or superficial damage to the skin or hair.
    • Lashbox LA/LBLA BEAUTY is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of adhesive.
    • Lashbox LA does not endorse use of glue rings.
    • Preferred method of glue holder is on a lash tile at the service station.