Perfect Fan 5D 0.07mm Lashes


For volume beginners who are looking to pick up the same number of lashes for each fan, effortlessly. Beautiful, full lashes at your fingertips. These lashes are unique because they are already grouped in sets of 5.  Now you are able to create Perfect Volume 5D fans easier and in less time.

Their extreme black finish allows you to create a deep black, and still fluffy, volume set of lashes. Created with a perfectly sized, and non-sticking strip, this makes it easy to build beautiful spreading fans quickly.

Directions: Simply place your lash strip on the your Lashbox LA Lash Holder, fans are already grouped so you can easily use any fanning method to create your 5D volume fan. After applying a small amount of adhesive to the base, place onto the natural lash creating your perfect even lash set.

Each group is spaced apart evenly so you can either fan them right on the strip or pick them up and proceed with your favorite fanning method.